About Us

It's not our first rodeo

After nearly 30 years of running and growing our own brands we spotted a gap in the market for a truly transparent and straightforward digital services company and bam Howler Digital was born! Check out our parent company, Seacoya Group and our sister companies Pet & Country, Christies Direct, Christies Global and Bella Mia Boutique. We’ve been the you before, so we know what you need and want from a company like us. We’ve built our own accomplished team of marketers, web developers, graphic designers and digital specialists who together have worked across a variety of markets. And we’re offering their experience and talent to you.

We want to be more than a third party

Think of us as your new team members, a group of highly talented comrades who will be routing for you and your company from day one. We understand that trust, transparency and tea are the foundation of any great relationship and we won’t skimp on any of those. We want to create a partnership where can celebrate our successes together.

We're like a proud parent

We love to show off the work we’ve done, you can check out some of our previous projects here. It’s also nice to know that these guys think we’ve done a good job too. *awards*

Get to know us a little better

*team photo and bio*

How we do things around here


Fuelled by caffeine and sweet baked goods we like to make everything as straightforward as possible for you. We like to kick things off with a chat, if there’s a cuppa involved that’s even better! We’ll need to know a little about you and what you envision we could help you with. Check out everything we can work with you on here.


You can take a break while we put together a bespoke proposal for your company, outlining how we can help you achieve your goals. We’ll then talk you through our suggested strategy, with clear pricing and timelines.


You can pick and choose what you want to go forward with, we’ll draw up your deliverables and we’ll get to work here at Howler HQ, collaborating with you throughout the process.

That’s enough about us, we wanna hear a little bit more about you…